Jute Disintegration


Performers — Dasniya Sommer, Hartmut Fischer, Rui Videra, Monica Martins, Andreas Schildbach, Antek, Ursula, and others.


Jute Disintegration, this is some kind of performance/performance art/installation thing, being made with Dasniya Sommer. First attempt: 20 May, 2012; Second attempt: 02 December, 2012.


There are many people and many ropes. Some are tied/tying themselves to/on/ around/above/below a long table; others are self-suspended/partially suspended/ mostly on the ground; others might just have one rope wrapped around them. Time passes, and this changes. Someone/people might move from one place to another, suspend themselves or come to the ground, join or leave, form or disband a group.

It is an anarchy of shibari; repetition and difference. It is It is also somewhat baroque, or ‘dressed up’; something of an installation, something of a performance.

Jute Disintegration is blogged on supernaut.