Dancers — Emily Kerr, Jo Lloyd, Gypsy Wood, Gala Moody, Lou Hartman
Lighting — John Dutton
Sound — Motörhead, Slayer
Costume — Danielle Harrison
Set — Hamish Bartle
Support — Arts Victoria, Moriarty’s Project, Dancehouse, Besen Family Foundation, Ausdance (VIC), Maximised by Chunky Move


extermination was developed at Chunky Move Studios under the Maximised Program, in late 2003, and was performed at Dancehouse in August, 2004.


extermination is a meditation on Jean Baudrillard’s book “Symbolic Exchange and Death”; on bodies that are models, robots, animals, corpses; on heavy metal, Motörhead and Slayer; on clothes, costumes, makeup, underwear, and shoes, and every kind of bad behaviour; On Goya and Disasters of War, the death of God, the end of civilisation; on bodies beyond morality, betray, seduce, kill, undress; the collective insanity of delinquent groups filled with indescribable euphoria, an out-of-control blindness.

extermination was blogged on supernaut