kill kill kill for inner peace…

I wanna push you up against a wall and man-handle you a little tonight. Preferably in some dirty public toilet. Lean in to you so you can feel my crotch against you and squeeze your tits under your shirts, put my mouth over them, drag your hand down the front of my pants so you can feel how much I want you.

Black Metal

This is a performance about black metal & being a metalhead, about being an immigrant & looking white, being not Muslim but not not-Muslim, about being true to myself even if it’s only in my bedroom, & about mediæval Germanic nun-mystics, who were metal as fuck.


L’abjection is something that disgusts you, for example you see something rotting and want to vomit – it is an extremely strong feeling that is at once somatic and symbolic, which is above all a revolt against an external menace from which one wants to distance oneself.


“We do not die because we must, we die because it is a habit, to which one day, not so long ago, our thoughts became bound.” “To the Gods, death is only ever a prejudice.”