I am Cie. OFENS’s production manager for The Vase, an “interpretation of Ariel Dorfman’s play “Purgatorio”, which in turn is a modern take on Eurypides’ ancient classic “Medea”.”

S.J Norman

S.J. Norman is a cross-disciplinary artist and writer, they are based in Berlin and Narrm / Melbourne. I am S.J’s production manager for Take This, For It Is My Body and for Rest Area.

Isabelle Schad

Isabelle Schad is a choreographer and dancer in Berlin. I have been Isabelle’s artistic assistant for “Fugen”, “An Unfolding Process”, and “Der Bau”, and toured these works with her to Belgium, France, Romania, and in Germany.

Dasniya Sommer

Dasniya Sommer is a Choreographer, Yoga teacher and works with Shibari, Japanese rope bondage. Since 2010, I have collaborated with Dasniya Sommer on a variety of performances, and been her assistant for performance projects and workshops.

Das Helmi

Das Helmi is a puppet theatre group in Berlin at Balhaus Ost. I filmed and photographed the rehearsals and performance of “Mars Attacks!” with Theater Hora in Zürich; and filmed and edited “Der von einem Stern zum anderen springt” for the Ethnological Museum Dahlem Berlin.

Ivo Dimchev

Ivo Dimchev is a Choreographer, and performer from Bulgaria, living and working in Vienna. I was dramaturgical and rehearsal assistant to Ivo for “Fest”, created in and premiering at ImPulsTanz Vienna.

Daniel Schlusser

Daniel Schlusser is a theatre director and performer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. I was choreographer, and assistant for the Japanese rope bondage in “Ophelia Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, co-produced by Chamber Made Opera and Bell Shakespeare Mind’s Eye.